Carl Englund

Studying Media Technology at Linköping University. I like code!


    04 Oct 2015

    Medusa was a project developed for our bachelor thesis at Linköpings University. Me and a group consisting of 6 other members developed a 3D scanning booth. The goal of the project was to be able to scan a person and retrieve a 3D model afterwards which could be printed in a 3D printer for example

    The hardware used was a first generation Kinect camera from Microsoft. To utilizie this we wrote code using libraries such as OpenKinect, OpenCV and libwebsockets. The interface for handling the system was a simple website which connected to the program through a websocket connection.

    Code for the project can be found here. If you're interested in reading more about the techniques used to retrieve 3D-models from a Kinect our report can be read here. The report is in swedish though.

    The picture below shows some of the first tests reconstructing a person with cloud point data retrieved from the Kinect. Medusa


    01 Nov 2014

    Kartlas is an online geography game with questions regarding popular culture. It is mostly written in Javascript with usage of the library KineticJS, a PHP/MySQL backend was used for storage of the questions.

    The game was developed during the course TNM040 - Communication and User Interfaces. The project part of this course was to create an application with a user interface that focused on several of the principals we had learned during the course, for example Norman's design principles.

    It can be tryed out here. And if you're interested in looking at the code go here.


    Stereoscopic Snow Simulation

    31 Oct 2014

    The SSS or as it says in the title, Stereoscopic Snow Simulation is a project that was done during the spring of 2014.

    It was a project in the course TNM061 - 3-D Computer Graphics taken at Linköpings University and we decided to build a 3-D visualization for the dome theatre here in Norrköping.

    The result was a snow simulation adopted for usage in the dome. It was developed in C++ using OpenGL and a library called SGCT (Simple Graphics Cluster Toolkit).

    A sneak peak can be shown in the picture below. The code can be viewed here.

    Stereoscopic Snow Simlation

    First post

    28 Oct 2014

    Hi there!

    Welcome to my personal portfolio.

    This portfolio is built on Jekyll and the theme is mostly inspired from a theme called Simplygrey. All credits go to the author of that theme of course. During the next couple of weeks i hope to put up some of my projects here and write a line or two about them.

    Until then however you can check them out on my Github. Just click the link on the left to go there.

    Other than that i don't have much more to say. Stay tuned!